Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Underwear Made of Gold

Sliding into a pair of underwear earlier this week, I put my finger through yet another hole in the lace.  Scouring through my underwear drawer, one morning, for a stretch thong to wear under my workout Capri's, I was forced to wear a fancy lacy thong instead.   I couldn't take it anymore, it was time to break down and buy some new underwear!

You see, I haven't purchased any underwear since early 2010.  Mommy's underwear just isn't a priority when you are trying to cut expenses.  I had a gift from Christmas that I was planning on returning and it came from Kohl's.  So I set off with return in hand (alone, yay!) to Kohl's on a mission to find some new underwear.  I went straight to customer service and received a $10 credit to be used in the store.  I walked away from the counter thinking, "Cool, I should be able to get three pairs with this, give or take a dollar!"

I began to walk up and down the underwear aisles for the perfect pair.  I wanted something that can be worn everyday and can also be worn under my workout pants without creating lines (no one wants to see that!).  The only underwear that could handle that responsibility would be a microfiber or cotton thong.  I thought to myself, "No problem, 3 tiny little pieces of fabric..........I can find that for $10."  Within a very short period of time I found the perfect pair, they were a thin microfiber with no decoration.  I picked them up with a smile on my face, but suddenly my expression turned to horror.  You see, these perfect little panties were $9 per pair!  One tiny little piece of fabric with a little bit of elastic was $9.......WTF!!!  Since when did they start weaving gold into underwear?  I quickly put them down and decided to keep looking; every pair I found was the same story.  I was beside myself.

I decided to give up on the underwear, thinking that I might be able to find a better deal at Target.  With my $10 credit in hand,  I wandered off to see if I could find a bargain to take my mind off my underwear disappointment.  When I rounded the first corner, I stumbled on a rack with a big sign that read, "Discontinued, 3 for $9.99".  My heart leaped with excitement!  Was it true, was this really a rack full of underwear?  Well folks, it was AND there were lots and lots of thongs.  I was so excited!

Realizing I had stumbled upon an amazing deal (now that underwear is more expensive than gold) I decided to buy 6 pairs (3 cotton, 3 lace).  And, I no longer have to wear holey underwear!

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