Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nike Training Club Review

Since moving to Arizona and having to become even more frugal, I had to give up my gym membership.  This was very difficult but I told myself I would keep up with my exercise.  I packed up all of my exercise equipment and DVD's and planned on doing a little step aerobics, a little kick boxing, a little strength training, a little yoga and a little running to keep me in shape!

So far, I have managed to do the running but it has been difficult to squeeze it in before it heats up outside and by the time it cools down, it is dark.  That is why I thought that I would do the indoor workouts.  However, it has become apparent to me that since we have crammed all of our stuff in this house there is not enough space for me to workout inside.  The temperature in the morning is becoming cooler and cooler every week so I will have to start doing more outside.

This morning I tried out Nike Training Club.  According to the Nike website, "Nike Training Club is a full-body functional training app designed to make yourself whatever you want to be.  Whether you are looking to get lean, toned or strong, NTC takes every workout to the new level.  Inspired by world-class athletes and developed by a Nike professional trainer, more than 60 workouts build on the fundamentals of core and interval training to challenge your body and maximize your results."

This app is "app"solutely free!  I went over to the large grassy area across the street and proceeded to do the 30 minute "Get Lean" workout entitled "Fighter Fit".  It was a great workout and left my thighs feeling like jello. This app provides workouts that are similar to taking a boot camp class; lots of intervals and strength training put together to keep your heart rate up the whole time.  There are also several 15 minute strength training workouts available that target specific zones.  And the best part is that you can listen to your own music while doing their cheesy work out DVD music!

I highly recommend this app to anyone who already has an iPhone who would like to do some real full-body exercise that keeps you lean, toned and strong........but you can't afford the gym!  I'll keep you posted on my progress and if I beef up my muscles, I may even post a picture!  (Wishful thinking!)

If you are interested in finding out more click here.


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Sounds awesome!

AmandaDF said...

That sounds awesome-makes me wish I had an Iphone! I wonder if there's anything similar for droids....thanks for the tip!

Shar said...

Amanda, check out Women's Health, they have a whole section on fitness apps.

Sar said...

That's a great idea to save money! I have a gym membership at my school because it's included in my feels, and I always forget how I should take advantage of it NOW when I have it!

Just stopping by for Comment Love Sunday!

-Sarah from

Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

Popping in from FTLOB. Can't wait to check out the new app. Loved the inspiration.

Happy seeing beautiful!

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