$1,107.80 to Date

Since I have begun this journey, I have done a few things to make some extra money and obtained some things for free (or nearly free).  Here are the stories that back up the amount that I am tracking.

Welcome to the Weekend, Moving Sale Done - $700

Getting Rid of More Stuff - $71.20

Operation Swimsuit - $10

Brand new Speedo swimsuit in size 8 not size squeeze - $10 (see comments for explanation)

Slowly Getting Settled - $60

I pledged not to be a money trasher at CVS and got Extra Bucks - $2

FREE Fun is Even More Fun - $2.50

Signed up for AT and T's Paperless Billing - $10 credit

Redeemed Thank You points for a $25 Jack-in-the-Box gift card

This, That and The Other - $49

$1,010.80 to Date - $10

I Finally Did It! - $10

3 - $10 American Express Gift Cards for making certain purchases at CVS - $30

Quick Update....Money Earned/Money Saved - $22

Another Free Haircut - $25

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