Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome to the Weekend, Moving Sale Done

The weekend is here, the moving sale is finally done!  We worked hard Friday and Saturday morning, got rid of most of our "inventory" and we are about $700 richer.  Albeit, the majority of our stuff is now in a truck on it's way down to doesn't matter to me, we got rid of what we needed to and I have a wad of cash in my pocket (well actually it's in a plastic box).  Here is the final picture of what was left when we closed up shop at noon:

That's it, pretty cool huh?  (Everything behind the large cardboard box we are keeping)  There are several bags of clothes which we will be donating to an organization that provides necessities to the homeless that have served in the military.  The rest of it will be going to Salvation Army or Goodwill depending on which one can pick it up the fastest.

Now that we are done with the moving sale we can enjoy the rest of the weekend!  I am going to relax and spend some time with my family before we really have to get crackin' on Monday.  You see, the movers arrive on Friday to load all of our possessions onto a truck.  We have to be completely packed and ready to go on Friday morning.  They will be meeting us at the new house to unload on Sunday so that gives us all day Saturday to do the post move clean, then drive all the way to Phoenix.  It's gonna be a busy week so I am gonna rest up!

This weekend Fazoli's is offering free kid's meals all weekend.  That's where we are going to have dinner tonight because we have all worked hard and we deserve it!  Let's face it, we aren't going to be eating out much in the near future or at least until our "reinvention" is complete.  Although we have a financial cushion saved to prepare us for this drought of income, we intend to live as though we are poor until the drought is over.  We may as well treat ourselves one last time even if it is just a little Italian fast food place with free kids meals (the frugal monster in me can't help it!).

So that's it, Welcome to the Weekend Everyone!  Sorry it's a little bit late, I plan on enjoying mine, I hope you do too!


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

I think a free kids meal meal is probably cheaper than what a lot of people would prepare at home. That's a guilt-free dinner out!

Shar said...

It was definately nice not having to cook or clean!

kimberly rae said...

congrats on the moving sale $$! and yummm enjoy fazolis! i used to love that place when i loved in florida but they dont have it anywhere near me now in nyc!

have a great day!

[stopping by from ftlob, comment love!]

Elle said...

Happy comment love day!

Wow! I totally think you deserved a dinner at Fazoli's after a day of having a moving sale. That's A LOT of work, and I can imagine you were all tired after a long day. I look forward to reading more about your journey.

Amanda said...

Stopping by with some Comment Love, Good Luck with your move and safe travels.

Shar said...

Thanks for all the Comment Love!

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