Monday, September 26, 2011

Operation Swimsuit

Now that we have arrived in Arizona there is lots of work to do, but we must make sure that we have some fun too! Since the temperature is still in the high 90's, we have to make time for some swimming. Oh, right, I'm not sure if I told you, but the house we are living in has a swimming pool and the kids think it is AWESOME!

So the first day we decide to go for a swim, Madison puts on her swimsuit (which she wore less than a month ago) and states, "This swimsuit isn't a size 7, it's more like a size squeeze!" I looked at her, and she was right. It appeared that in the 3 1/2 weeks since she had last worn it, not only had she grown up but she had also grown out. It looked terribly uncomfortable especially the elastic around the legs. I then put on my swimsuit and discovered that I had a similar problem. Mine appeared to be more like sausage casing than a swimsuit! That is a problem I can resolve with a little more exercise and a little less food. Madison on the other hand is a growing girl and just needs a new swimsuit.

Lucky for me, I had just been e-mailed a $10 off coupon from JC Penney .  Sometimes I get them in the mail and sometimes I get them via e-mail but they are always good for $10 off a $10 or more purchase.  If you don't get them, you should go online and register with their website.  Being the penny pincher that I am, I decided to set off on Operation Swimsuit which entailed the challenge of finding a swimsuit for Madison in their clearance section for around $10.  I was excited about the challenge and the distraction from all the boxes at home.

Keep in mind that this kind of bargain shopping is normal for me, I get a thrill out of it.  But seriously folks, now it is a necessity as we are living as if we are poor because we have no income yet in this new life of ours.  I went straight to the clearance section in the girls department but unfortunately, there were no swimsuits to speak of.  I was determined to go away with something in my hands!  I took my time (I did not have any kids with me and I relished every moment) and scoured every clearance rack in the store determined to find something we need.  Here is what I came up with:

A brand new outfit for Madison to wear on her first day of school tomorrow (she needed the shorts)


something fun for me!  Count them, one, two, three, four, five, six, SEVEN bangles.  I used my $10 off coupon and how much did it cost me you ask?


That's right, you read it correctly, $1.01......a total savings of $44.05!!!!!  I have to admit, I did not NEED the bangles but Madison could definately use the clothes. Operation Swimsuit was a failure but this bargain shopper is satisfied!



Dwija {House Unseen} said...

And this bargain shopper is impressed! Oh, to scour clearance racks with no children in tow. It's the best :D

Shar said...

I think the $10 needs to be added to the $'s to date page!

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