Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby steps......and a few huge ones.

In my first post, I mentioned taking baby steps. Well those steps have begun or at least the thought of them has.  There is so much going on on this crazy old brain of my mine and the ideas come randomly.  The baby steps I am talking about are the little things that we plan to do in our new life, some of them will begin before we even get to Phoenix but they are all for the greater good of our new life!

In coming up with these ideas and plans (I must give Michael some credit, we are both working on this) we have to continue to make some huge steps forward to get out of this place we are in now.  What I am talking about is the chaos that is involved in moving your family to a new state.  This is something that I feel I am becoming good at, (don't forget, I just did this 9 months ago) but I definitely do not want to get any better!  Next time I want to stay put.  I am in that place where I am surrounded by boxes, there are no pictures on the walls and I am ready to pack the boxes that you don't tape down until the end "just in case".  Meanwhile laundry still has to be washed, food still has to be prepared, the house has to be cleaned and other members of the family have to be sent off to school and work.  Plans have to be made, school registration has to be completed, utilities have to be scheduled for turn off and turn on,  movers have to be coordinated and fingers crossed, closing documents have to be signed.  Don't forget the fires that have to be put out too........our refrigerator stopped working yesterday and I have a repair man coming out tomorrow (let's hope any part that is needed comes before we move).  Then there are all of the Doctor and Dental visits that have to be crammed in before we lose our FSA funds at the end of the month. These are the huge steps forward that leave me feeling more like a gazelle leaping fearfully away from a lion, but somehow I am getting away!  We have a little under two weeks left and I am just gonna keep on leaping!

We still have to get through the garage sale that we are having this weekend where we will be taking the huge pile of stuff that now fills our garage and throwing it on the driveway along with several pieces of furniture and allowing strangers to pick through it.

Then there is the crazy in me that feels it necessary to keep up with most of my FlyLady chores all while packing up the house. My hope is that when it comes time to do the post move clean, there won't be much to do. If you don't know about the FlyLady then I recommend that you check out the link above, especially if you live in clutter, filth or chaos! And since we are talking about crazy how 'bout the fact that during all this, I think it is a great idea to create a blog because that will make my life much simpler, right? WRONG! Oh yes, and I also plan on finishing a crocheted baby blanket that is for one of two babies that I know will be born at the beginning of next year. And yes, I want to finish it BEFORE we leave Las Vegas.

As I reflect back on everything that I have just openly shared with you, I realize that it is amazing how much you can accomplish with the right motivation!  I am not worrying about the change or the uncertainty, I am just looking forward to the endless opportunities that lay ahead for this leaping gazelle and her wonderful family!


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Dwija {House Unseen} said...

You ARE crazy. That's why I love you!

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