Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I woke up this morning feeling totally unmotivated.  Not the "I'm tired and want to go back to bed, please get me some coffee" kind of unmotivated.  But the "I feel like sitting on my butt and doing nothing all day" kind of unmotivated.  I actually sat there contemplating whether I could be one of those Moms that drops their kid off at school in her nightgown. 
I looked down at the lack of support that my nightgown provided and realized that it was not possible especially considering I wasn't wearing any underwear.  I mean what are these people thinking?  What if you get a flat tire or someone flags you down as you are dropping off your kid and wants to come up to the car and tell you something.  The potential embarrassment is unimaginable!

Well, I got out the figurative crowbar, pried myself out of the chair and got myself together.  Somehow I even managed to put on make-up and jewelry which is amazing considering the aforementioned lack of motivation.  I took Madison to school and returned home to clean the oven.  I pressed the "Auto Clean" button, opened up all the doors and windows and felt quite proud of my accomplishment.  Feeling that I was on a roll, I decided to employ the 15/15 technique of getting things accomplished.  I am sure that you are wondering what, in fact, the 15/15 technique entails.  It's pretty simple and it allows you to sit on your butt throughout the day.  Notice that I said, "throughout the day" not "all day"!  This method is quite effective and requires a timing device.  I set a timer for 15 minutes and got to work.  When the timer went off, I reset it for another 15 minutes and sat on the couch with a magazine.  When the timer went off the next time I returned to work.  I did this back and forth for an hour until I gave up and turned off the timer.

I know what you are thinking, "Slacker!", right?  Well, shame on you!  When I said that I gave up and turned the timer off, I meant that I gave up sitting on my butt.  I guess after about an hour my vitamins kicked in and I didn't feel unmotivated anymore.  I got several things done and then remembered the stench that came from the broken refrigerator when the repair man was here yesterday.  I was mortified!  It shouldn't have been a surprise to me that it would smell bad once it wasn't cold anymore.  You see, we moved this refrigerator from California, 9 months ago.  Michael had to go ahead to Vegas and work and I was left behind with the kids to do most of the packing.  At the time, it was our main refrigerator and it was in much need of a good scrubbing.  We moved into our house in Vegas and put the refrigerator in the garage, since the house already had one inside.  I never did get around to that good scrubbing.  It just never seemed a priority.  It was truly disgusting as I'm sure my Mother can attest to (wait for the comment).

I filled up a bucket with hot soapy water and got to scrubbing.  I would post a before picture but (1) I didn't take one and (2) I am way too embarrassed!  I took about 20 minutes and 2 buckets of hot soapy water and I had a sparkling clean, fresh smelling refrigerator.

Note the disappointment on the dogs face that I have left the doors open but there is no food to be had!

Once I had cleaned the refrigerator I realized that I had accomplished quite a lot.  To be honest, I am so fed up of the day in, day out list of things that has to be done before we move to Phoenix.  I would like to sit in a nice, neat, clean home and relax.  But that possibility seems far away because we still have the chaos of "moving in" to deal with.  As I sit here writing this, a thunder storm has rolled in.

I have about an hour until I have to go and pick Madison up from school.  I think I am going to curl up on the couch with the dog and a magazine, listen to the sound of the rain and thunder and pretend that my house is normal!

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